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a wonderful movie with an amazng presence of rutger hauer........

I've seen "Call of the Wild" two years ago- and it has Rutger
Hauer in his best.
Very well photographed in muted tones, "Call of
the Wild" tells the story of Buck, the handsome Newfoundland, who is
kidnapped .
Rutger Hauer portraits John Thornton, the grizzled but kind
man who saves Buck's life and introduces Buck to the unbridled joy of
unconditional love. Richard Dreyfuss narrates beautifully, giving the
viewer an opportunity to actually experience bits and pieces of
London's wonderfull writting.
It's a beautiful story and I'm sure that I'm going to feel all the
emotion of the first time .
I love Richard Dreyfuss's voice(I would like Rutger's voice there too
)and I remember all the beautiful moments that movie gave me.I'm going
to have a great time!
Rutger Hauer is an cultural icon.

All the movies Rutger Hauer has made trougth the years, show us many
of the sides of human heart
His performances are sublime and they all envolve the most diferent
perspectives and cultures
We have seen the powerful believes of freedom and courage into Blade
Runner,the strange and dangerous ilusions and dark desires of Turkish
And so many other movies we all love.

We are talking about an amazing and intelligent actor ,who is able to
show all characters and persons, giving us the possiblity of
understanding the most difficult parts of life.
The character of John in The Hitcher, shows the most dangerous side of
the dark need of having a follower. When "our" way is the way of a killer.
His masterpiece Leggend of the Holy Drinker is able of touch us all
with the most imperceptive qualities of the human spirit.

Yes;I'm writting too much.I know.
That's why i'm going now .But it this true that Rutger Hauer is
without any doubt a man with a wonderful way of living cinema.

He is an amazing actor and an amazing man of movies;and all this,
makes him a very important Cultural Icon.

The Icon of All who love the movies he does!....



(Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2004 3:08 pm //

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Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2004 3:20 pm Post subject:
The Call of the Wild )


( for this review on "The Cll of the Wilde Ive decided to unite 2 little reviews written in the RHOS in the year of 03,i think they belong here and together as i like the film so much,but these 2 "reviews are also published in some of my other sites and they were both published in blogs and sites of my own that has been destroyed by their servers unders copyrights complaints that never had the reason to be,because i can publish all the articles or reviews or art work that is properly registerd as mine and all these reviews on RH are registered with my own copyright,no matter the place i sent them")


I'll say what's in my heart --In what concerns Rutger Hauer I could
live on toasts and
letter soup! )ba-bump, ba-bump,ba bump!