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TURKISH FRUITS-Paul Verhoeven's 1973

FLESH N BLOOD-Paul Verhoven
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TURKISH FRUITS-Paul Verhoeven's 1973
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By mariahenriques 



One of the most important movies of the 70s....


This is one of my favourit films of Rutger Hauer /Paul Verhoven and Im not speaking  about the nacked scenes with frontal or not frontal nudes only-The movie is simply one of the Best movies of the European Cinema from the 70s.

The all idea of the story its amazing so full of passion and phsycological tension. And if the all nudity doesnt make my first point of interest about this particular film ,I must say that the courage of Rutger Hauer to created such caracter, making the kind of cinema he wanted was surprising.

We cannot forget how young he was and such mature actor.This was one of the most important films of that decade and because of many important reasons.The nude scenes for the first time so direct and impressive ,made almost, if not a revolution in peoples minds  an important transformation in many aspects of other people 's social life.It was the decade of the freedom in several countries. America living another reality after the paradisiac hippy dream of a culture with no social differences or war and France with the student mouvements of May 68 already in the past,borning to show us other roads.

The film of Verhoven brough a new vision to cinema ,another way to do things and those who had the luck of seeing it at the time it was released will never forget all the emotions felt by that story.Rutger Hauer its an important element there.Because if his physycal presence and because of his natural talent and hard work.He was able of creating the ilusion of beeing that persona Eric Vonk, the sculptor who was such cruel,amuzing and at the same time egotistic and romantic creation.

With the memory of this movie ,other memories came into my mind and the funniest is the story of the first time I saw ( not seeing ) the film

My friend-the one who was always travelling in the search of new movies made another trip to Holland  and he brought Turks Fruits to introduce it to our little group.Well,we made another reunion in his home and some of the members where wifes and girlfriends of the fellow friends present.One of our friend was having a very hard time with his girlfriend so we invited both to spend the night with us.Everything was okay until the first minute s of the movie.After some remarks about Rutger Hauer 's eyes and Monique Van de Ven 's hair ,the couple started an incredible discussion and anybody could see the movie in that day.Weeks later somebody told me that they were together again travelling to some north europe country.I was invited to another reunion but I couldnt make so I had to wait some more years - I believe one or two years more until I finally saw that movie.Which I did in the company of a femail friend.After the end of the movie and with me thinking about a nice restaurant ,she told me that she wouldnt have  dinner with me.She wanted to go back to the cinema to watch the movie a second time.And so we did.I spent that all night eating corn and seing the turks fruits again and again .In the the cinema room a nice  middle aged lady seated by my side spent the all time of the movie knocking my arm with her fingers and wispering me "--Oh my god isnt the young man fantastic,look to that body!"

I was looking, yes and eating my popcorn.

Rutger Hauer was indeed the most amazing young man,but more than that he was a splendid actor and that unforgetable movie will remain in my memory as the most beautiful sight.



By mariahenriques 


Paul Verhoeven, Director
Verhoeven moved into fictional filmmaking with a popular Dutch TV series (Floris), in which he first cast an unknown Rutger Hauer, before making his first theatrical feat...






Paul Verhoeven's Turks fruit (Turkish Delight, 1973)

Verhoeven's glittering career in Hollywood making blockbusters disguises a lesser-known past making Dutch-language films, including directing what is acclaimed as the best Dutch film of all time.