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Blade Runner/My Cult Movie
THE LEGEND of THE HOLY DRINKER-(Ermanno Olmi, 1988)
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Blade Runner/My Cult Movie
Keetje Tippel (1975)
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My First golden Movie amoung all Rutger Hauer movies was Blade Runner.

I was trying to kill time and a friend of mine told me :--
" Hey ;why don't you go to the Cinema, there is a great science movie
to see with Harrison Ford!"

Well;at that time (i was young...) my feelings about Science Fiction
were not good.
I was in the mood of intelectual directors like Josef Von Sternberg ....

Anyway;i whent into the movies place and i thougth to myself that i
didn't wanted to see any of that kind, when suddenly i saw one of the
Roy Batty pics...
It was like a boom.

When i started seeing Blade Runner the movie was in the middle and i
must say,when the end came i was like a someone who had a vision of
I spent all the rest of my day watching that beauty and when i
finnally came home was more than midnight!.
I saw it 3 times in that day.
Blade Runner was much more than a movie.
It 's was a revelation .
It remains like an adventure that can change all our life.
Yes;i belive that is the most important movie ever done.
At least to me.

And Rutger Hauer is my Heart actor since that day, for i always feel
the same i did that day each time i see him working!.
Condemned not to live and not to return the Earth, the androids of the Blade Runner
 deeply resembles like those  who -since the expulsion of the Paradise, dreamed with the reintegration as Adam and Eva when being taken by the Arcanjo.
The electric sheep of Phliph K. Dick, assumes in Ridley Scott an almost angelic nature in the figure of Roy Batty, the android that looks for a new conscience.
Roy Batty is the one that discovers more quickly that the element photograph memory is after all the biggest lie of all its existence.
The second, the illusion of permanence.
He knows everything regarding himself and he knows how to assume his social impossibility. He does not have nothing  backward or in front of him but the love for his  beloved and the knowledge of his conviction the death. When assuming the control on his  life, risking it to go to the meeting with his creators he assumes one of the most beautiful qualities of human beings; the capacity to fight for the freedom.
Being able to choose to live the time that remained  in the company of his lover, he chose the risk  to face the creator of the creators, to lose the life that remained in him.
 This choice makes him as  somebody who deserves to live, somebody who left all those dark rooms, of the characteristic fears that belongs to  human flocks that trys to gain a notion of life in the immense cathedrals of consumption to hide their terrors of  death.
 Roy Batty assumes the control of his own destinaty.

The risk as contrary of fear is a freedom symbol -
“You live isn´t an easy thing, hey…“ .
He is not part of flocks anymore and Batty changes himself into the traveller  searching  for reply to his questions
 Will the electric sheep have dreams? …
Orson Wells said  that the dream is the only important thing.Our Android became theat one that knows that he is going  to die and safes Deckard, the one that always knew that only would survive to kill.

When choosing to save him ,Roy Batty  assumes a  spiritual rise of the most extreme importance.The capacity to accept the own death in the hope of the continuity.
 He saves  Deckard  passing his memories in order of not to be forgotten -
 “I´ve seen things you people wouldn´t believe…”
He gives his memories and dies.

And Deckard? Will he be only another electric dream of Roy Batty? …
Or we can after all save  eachothers? …

All I think about movies Ive seen trough my life
I'll say what's in my heart --In what concerns Rutger Hauer I could
live on toasts and
letter soup! )ba-bump, ba-bump,ba bump!



by theodora_maffat
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